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A large online database of drivers which contains many up-to-date versions. By multiple and constant scanning it ensures top performance and speed.


Slow sometime.


A nice tool, improved a lot lately.

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Many of us know that without proper updates of your hardware can hurt your PC and make its security and stability at risk. Downloading and installing the newest version drivers can keep you up-to-date with security, bug and performance fixes.

As mentioned above, Driver Reviver is considered by many, and trusted by that same amount of users, as a top product for keeping your PC updated with all the latest versions of your drivers. It has a capability and reputation of nearly 95% accuracy in finding the right driver version for your hardware and, most importantly, being the latest and up-to-date version. It one in a few software which shows you the source of the files, asks for your permission to download and install and keeps a track record of all downloads and which version was installed. It also stores the installation date.

It has a database for over 10 million products which makes it the largest database in the world. The drivers are completely compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and more than 50 other operating systems from all manufacturers. Those 10 million cover more than 56 000 manufacturers of PC hardware.

Its database is filled from Original Equipment Manufacturer’s websites and are guaranteed to work properly and don’t cause any problems. Furthermore, it backs up all your previously installed drivers and keeps them just in case and error or corrupted file is found, so you can safely roll-back.

On its backside, Driver Reviver has an extremely weak customer service which most likely will not be able to assist you with your software problem.

Driver Updater Features

  • Backup / Restore  : Yes
  • Driver Database  : 10 Mil
  • Free Scan  : Yes

General Information

  • Special Features  : Yes
  • Supported OS(es)  : 4
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