Driver Finder Pro Review


Useful features and can perform almost all required functions


Not that much user-friendly and could use some simplicity, especially the interface.


Simply put, it has the necessary features, it preforms them at an average level and it costs the same as other software; but it’s not as good as it can be and for the same money users will turn to those much better and more stable than this one.

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Driver Finder Pro's combination of features is better than many other competitors but it only consists of the usual scanning, updating, backing up drivers, restoring them and proxy settings. This setup is very good and resourceful but so is of the many other better software out there who even have one or multiple more unique features. As competition goes, users will look for more music for the same money; meaning more features and especially unique ones for the exact same amount of money they are prepared to give. Fewer features make the software useless over time compared to other and the company will not be getting those same customers back for another go.

Driver Finder doesn’t perform at its highest peak, mostly because of the bad user interface which makes finding and clicking the appropriate button a painful experience. Although, if the company would change that, then the software would be a totally different one from its current state and would lose that unique combination it has.

If the company does decide to expand its feature base, then there would be the simplicity problem as more features would mean the software would be more complicated; and it already is extremely complicated. Its customer support is also worrying as it takes a week for an email response or through their built-in ticket system and it doesn’t feature comprehensive community and FAQ pages so you could troubleshoot it yourself.

Driver Updater Features

  • Backup / Restore  : Yes
  • Driver Database  : N.D.
  • Free Scan  : Yes

General Information

  • Special Features  : Yes
  • Supported OS(es)  : 4
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