Driver Updater Reviews & Comparisons 2014

To update a driver once was one of the most difficult and time consuming thing to do for your PC. You had to search for cd-shops or vendors who sell or can acquire the necessary driver for you and then carry it on a cd with you and storing it somewhere safe for future use.

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Product Name Driver Reviver Driver Genius Driver Detective Driver Checker Advanced Driver Updater Raxco Perfect Updater Driver Finder Pro WinZip® Driver Updater Driver Navigator
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Supported OS(es) 4 5 7 7 4 4 4 4 4
Special Features Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - None
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Driver Database 10 Mil 80,000 20+ Mil 1.8 Mil - - N.D. - 4 Mil
Backup / Restore Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Now, in the world we live in, you can simply download drivers from the internet and install and store them on your hard drive or portable drive for future use. New drivers for almost all possible hardware pop-up every couple of days and are available on the manufacturer’s website or on another online download database.

The Problem

In recent years, even just searching for the appropriate driver online was so much time consuming and was a hard effort to get the one you actually need. So the Driver Updater software was introduced to make an ease-of-mind to PC owners who are struggling to find drivers on the ever expanding internet. After each new product is made or a new update is released, another version of the driver is available. So it was extremely difficult to be precise, up-to-date and save yourself time at once. Think of it as a pre-paid service where you just have to pay initially--or not--, set it up and watch as the results come in.

The Simple Introduced Solution

A Driver Updater software can help you stay up-to-date with all your hardware drivers. It starts by scanning your PC's hardware configuration, checking on the internet from numerous sources the newest version of the driver, and then either asks for permission to download or just downloads and installs it automatically. This all of course depends on your chosen software and how you set it up.

Versions and Varieties

As every software today, there are free-to-use and paid versions. Free-to-use are usually done to meet a basic need and were made on a low or no budget and, as such, are full of problems. For those who actually want a good service and the job done correctly, a good suggestion would be to go for a paid one. There are over a dozen products out there now, each giving a unique feature and missing another. The first thing to look out for when choosing a Driver Updater software are his basic features, reviews by professionals and the price. There are some which cost two times more but only give 10% more in their features. If you have the money for the added 10% then go for it, otherwise it would be wise to stick to the above advice.

What to Look for or Watch out for

Standard software is mostly measured by its speed and accuracy, features and how much it feeds on your system’s resources. Some Driver Updaters can check all of your hardware in less than 30 seconds, while others need minutes to complete this task. There were reports on many products that the downloaded and installed drivers are not the up-to-date ones and that they even cause boot-up failures. A feature to watch out for is the back-up and recovery option which can help you restore the last good driver installed. It is highly recommended to go over all of its specs, see what it offers, and then read reviews and complains searching for anything negative. This will give you a clearer image about if you should buy your number 1 choice or your number 10 one.









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