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Nothing can be as frightening as suddenly losing access to vital information stored on your hard disk. Whether that information is business related or private stuff, such a loss is something that anybody prefers to prevent via data safety. Despite this, a few happenings such as abrupt shutdown, malware attack, and system crash are quite powerful to evade your protection cover, which ultimately renders your data inaccessible.

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Supported Formats 300+ 550+ 300+ 100+ 220+ 290+ 200+ 100+
File System 5 4 5 2 All 5 Many 5
Preview Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Deleted Emails No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Cell Phones Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No

Whether this has taken place at office or home, you will certainly try to find a solution for regaining the access to your data. This is exactly where the recovery software comes into the picture.

Irrespective of whether the recovery source; an ideal data recovery software surely recovers data for you. Although you know that such software is the perfect way to come out of the loss, a question still remains for you as to which software can be an ideal savior for you. Because there are many such software tools in the market, this confusion is not that uncommon. Well, looking for the right application that can offer you the desired results is not that easy, as it needs some research. In order to make your research easier and quick, here are some factors for you to consider while selecting the best data recovery software.

Compatibility for Efficiency

It does not suffice to have data recovery software that claims to restore data access on your hard disk. In fact, an ideal recovery tool is the one that is able to recover data from different media such as portable hard disk, flash drive, iPod, and DVD. This means any future loss of access becomes reversible. Isn’t the selection of such a tool a smart choice? Similarly, the data recovery software should be such that it should support a myriad of operating systems, various kinds of file systems, and that it should be able to recover any kind of data. Whatever software you choose, just ensure that it is not very limited or specific in terms of operation.

Diverse Functionalities for Quick Relief

It is best to select the data recovery software by comparing the short listed ones on the basis of functionalities after compatibility. Such tools should come with functionalities such as quick scan, deep scan, and disk imaging. The quick scan feature allows you to scan the partitions quickly so that you can save time. On the other hand, deep scan takes much time to look for the lost data, as it scans each and every sector of the disk. Although it is time consuming, it is ideal because it offers more efficient results than quick scan. Then, the disk imaging feature creates an image of the corresponding volumes in the drive if there are bad sectors. This allows you to make a back-up copy of the drive that can be accessed later in case of failure in future.

The Trial Freedom

The offer of free trial is one of the factors that instill trust and confidence in you. Although almost all data recovery tool providers offer a free version for trial to ensure the best deal, you should not take it for granted or ignore it. Rather, as a smart buyer, you should download and use it. If there is a limitation that the trial version cannot work on a particular device from where you actually wish to recover, always use it on another device from where you can manually delete some data to see if the data gets recovered or not.

Existing Customer Reviews

This is another factor that helps in bridges the gap between myth or false claims and reality for gaining a true picture. Look for some reviews online so that you can judge whether the tool is suitable for you or not. It is better to read both positive and negative reviews, especially those with ratings, pros and cons, and personal experiences instead of those that simply recommend the product. Further, you need to ensure that the sites from where you reading the reviews are legitimate and from authentic sources.

Company Experience

You find a particular data recovery tool to be really fantastic but what if the company has no legitimate status? Well, in that case, even the tool might ditch later or sooner. So, you must check the genuineness of the provider as well. One way to do so is to check out its duration of operation in the market. A longer period signifies that the company is capable of meeting the expectations of the existing customers. This is because if it offers low quality tools, it just cannot survive for so long in the market. Further, do check the company ratings at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) site for complete satisfaction. After all, the provider or the brand needs to be reputable, isn’t it?

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