Cloud VPS Hosting Reviews & Comparisons 2014

Anyone who is thinking about starting a web application surely has to setup a server. Most of the times, people choose shared hosting that is actually inefficient for running anything beyond a WordPress site. While a dedicated server is efficient, it is truly a costly option with the cost running into hundreds of dollars.

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Pricing US$ 5 US$ 5 US$ 10 US$ 5 US$ 0.99 US$ 3.50
Cloud VPS Hosting Features
API Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automated Backups Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SSH Keys No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Scaling No No Yes Yes Yes No
Rapid deployment Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SSD Storage Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Storage Gateway No No Yes No Yes No
Multiple IPs Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Server Cloning Yes Yes No No No No
Access Control Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
On-Demand Instances No No No Yes Yes No
Management Console Yes Yes No Yes No No
Billing Method Hourly Hourly Hourly Monthly Per Second Monthly
Internal Network No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Custom Kernel Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
IPv6 Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta
OS 2 Linux Linux 2 2 2
Support 3 5 4 4 3 3

To part with costly affair without losing efficiency, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is an ideal option but it is still costlier than shared hosting although less pricier than the dedicated one. With more control over installations, security, and updates, VPS is most flexible. However, in case of hardware failure of the physical server hosting all the VPSes, all the containers faces downtime, which is certainly not feasible.

Therefore, a practical solution to this problem is cloud VPS hosting that is more reliable, scalable, and easily upgradable in the same price range of VPS. If one server is down, another node restores the data online, making it more reliable than any single server configuration. Such hosting offers several benefits such as pay as you use, no hardware monitoring, no upfront fees, great control and efficiency, and VPS cloning.

Therefore, are you looking for the best cloud VPS hosting service provider? In that case, consider evaluating the promising providers based on following factors/features.

Supported Operating System

Usually, many cloud VPS hosting providers offer Linux and its variants as the supported operating system. However, a few also extend their support to Windows. In case of a mixed bag preference, it is vital to choose a service provider who supports a variety of operating system platforms.

Virtualization Platform

Most service providers offer KVM virtualization on high speed SSD disks, which deliver faster performance and improved security. Choosing SSD over other disk types is truly the smart preference of several customers today. However, for having more space and less overhead, OpenVZ container virtualization is perfect but at the cost of a bit slower performance than the KVM, while XEN is best for dedicated server resources.

Managed vs Unmanaged

If you are a beginner, a managed solution is ideal, as you do not need prior knowledge about hosting and operating system management. It comes with emergency or routine support and monitoring options.


This is the most crucial factor to keep in mind, especially for all online businesses. In case the server goes down due to any reason, the business is at a high risk of losing customers. This means downtime is just not acceptable. Therefore, it is essential to choose a cloud VPS hosting firm that offers at least 99.9% uptime, although 100% will be like a dream come true offer.


This should be done at ease! The service on offer should be such that it can scale your order instantly and add virtual servers to cater to diverse needs, in just a few minutes. This should be irrespective of how fast the business is growing or how frequently the demands or load on the cloud solution increases.

Control Panel

If the control panel has a steep learning curve, your online success will also be at the same pace. This is because you get to control or manage the resources as well as apps through this dashboard. Therefore, ensure that the control panel on offer is easy to explore as well as suits your needs.

Customer Support

There are three aspects to consider here: 24x7 support, diverse means of communication, and live interaction. It is best to have a service provider who has all three aspects. However, in case not all of them are supported, consider at least having 24x7 support through at least more than means of communication that can be phone, fax, live chat, or even email. Remember, technical support is always essential to tackle any unwanted problem while hosting. 

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