Cell Phone Monitoring Reviews & Comparisons 2014

With ever growing usage of mobile phones, a proper care is a must for parents, employers and for many other situations to avoid possible abuse. Mobile phone monitoring software can do this effectively and accurately. Below are some of the leading mobile phone monitoring tools compared.

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Cell Phone Monitoring Features
Call Logs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Call Recording Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Calls Restriction Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No
Devices 3 5 5 5 5 4 5
SMS Logs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Redirect SMS Yes Yes No No No No No
GPS Location Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
GPS History Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
GPS Route Yes Yes No Yes No No No
Browsing History Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
View IMs 7 3 4 None 8 4 7
Record Surroundings Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Remotely Control Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Read Emails Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Calendar Activities Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Additional Features Many None Many Many Many Many Many

Mobile Phone Monitoring Buying Guide: Features to Consider

Undoubtedly, mobile phones are convenient enough to handle diverse chores of life. While a mobile phone is extremely useful, it proves to be problematic nowadays due to misuse. Children are often the victims of online bullies or predators, view adult content, or get involve in exchanging inappropriate multimedia files. You may consider your child smart enough to escape these situations but he may not be always successful. Similarly, you may have some employees who may be wasting office time in chatting or revealing confidential information to rivals via e-mails and SMSs. It is also possible that your own spouse is cheating you by having an affair with someone else.

Why Cell Phone Tracking

In order to ensure safety for your kids and catch hold of a cheating spouse or employee, it is vital to keep an eye on their daily activities, especially via their smartphone. This is exactly what a mobile phone tracking app can do for you. Not only can it help keeping dangerous situations at bay, but the app can also keep track of the employees, children, and spouse in other situations. By working in the phone’s background invisibly, the app acts like a secret spyer to track all phone activities and make them available to you on your online account so that you can view them remotely. While buying such an app, here are some of the most useful features to consider.

LIVE or Instant Tracking of Calls and Messages

An ideal monitoring app should allow you to view all incoming and outgoing calls along with its time, duration, and number. Similarly, it should instantly make available all the SMSs, chats, and e-mails sent or received at any point in time.

Many advanced apps also allow you to listen to an ongoing call, intercept it if found threatening, block numbers, and set time during which the calls can be received. Such features can ensure you to keep a remote eye on what your kids, spouse, or employees are doing. For best monitoring, it is recommended to look for live tracking wherein you can see the current activities from your online account.   

Internet Tracking and Filtering

A smartphone is not just used for calls; even Internet surfing is one of the most preferred activities. Sadly, maximum threats come from the Internet. Therefore, it makes sense to view a log on browsing history, bookmarked sites, social media activities, and chat messages exchanged online, including WhatsApp and Skype. A smart monitoring app should allow you to block harmful or adult sites and set time for internet usage just like on a computer with parental controls. 

Location Tracking

It is always useful to know where your kid, spouse, or employee is; especially if they seem to lie to you. A capable monitoring application will track the location of the phone through GPS and show it to you on a map in your online account. A few advanced ones will also allow you mark safe and banned places so that you are notified once the phone crosses the boundary of safe places.

App Management

A comprehensive mobile monitoring program will allow you to view installed, uninstalled, and recently used applications on the phone. Apart from that, it also allows viewing notes, memos, events, schedules, videos, audios, images, and task lists stored after creating and downloading on the phone. An advanced app will allow blocking unwanted apps and deleting inapt multimedia from the phone so that your kids, spouse, and employees do not waste time in spoiling their brain.

Remote Management

In case the phone is lost or stolen, the invisible monitoring app should allow you to lock the phone, wipe confidential contents, and deactivate the SIM card remotely.

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