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Free backlink data. No login required downloading data, Cheap paid accounts starts from €9.90


Centralized in Germany and requires promoting itself in the other countries as well, No in-depth analysis, No Frequent updates. German language used in UI, Still in early stage.


Free tool with limited data but definitely worth giving a go. Can’t be compared easily with strong competitors like Ahrefs, MajesticSEO or OpenSiteExplorer.

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SEOkicks backlink checker is a German based online platform, which has evolved as a significantly impactful digital marketing program not within the country but also internationally. The English version of the website has come out as a prolific breakthrough for its acceptability in different spheres of the world. The organization’s rich database includes more than 50 billion backlinks, which are completely utilizing the company’s own proactive web crawlers.

There is a stupendous on going increase in the presently aggregated crawling bandwidth of 1600 Mbits/sec.  The program acts as a tremendous joint for new online marketers and progressing web developers.


At present there are 4 different versions of SEOkicks membership available for which a subscriber requires to create an API account. Creation of the account enables the subscriber to receive significant information and updates from the facilitators. One gets to know about the usage of the version with all crucial digital marketing traits and backlinks analysis. Customer care contacting and elevating compliance are the other crucial aspects related with the account.   

The classification of the various meticulous versions is based over the volume of API credits demanded by the subscriber. The 4 memberships are small, standard, large and ultimate, which can be availed according to the specific gratifications. The small version is best suited for the independent web experts, freelance SEO professionals and bloggers. The package unveils with 30,000 API credits with 1000 number of maximum results from websites and CSV export. The plan provides a commendable support with easy guidance on every step.

The standard version comprises 20,000 API credits with 25,000 maximum results from websites and CSV export. The package comes with unlimited number of maximum API results. The third package is one of the best suited professional versions for small industrial set ups and progressing enterprises. The version is known for various amazing SEO enhancing inputs with an immense dedicated study over the several international digital marketing trends. The large version enables the subscriber to receive 750,000 of API credits with the maximum 100000 results from websites and CSV export.

The ultimate package has been designed to target big public authorities and modernly established technical giants. The package scores big by the offer of 500000 API credits with 10,000 maximum results from websites and CSV export. The kind of support it provides with the backlinks checking and data analysing is significantly phenomenal. All the plans get extended by a month unless a subscriber provides a prior notice period of 14 days to terminate the services.


The platform acts significantly in facilitating backlink data, which can also be received through backlink API and commute it to your own tools. For instance an XML and a JSON API are both present for the cause. There is continuous revival of the old data and the system allows the users to compare several crucial SEO components, which might be missing from their respective websites.


SEOkicks is a technically well organized and continuously evolving platform. It provides support for every SEO element and could be highly beneficial for digital marketing.

Backlink Tool - Features

  • Site Explorer  : Yes
  • Domain Comparison  : No
  • Social Metrics  : No
  • SEO Reports  : No
  • Historic Index  : No
  • Unique URLs Size  : 50 Billion
  • Developer API  : Yes
  • Anchor Text Analysis  : Yes
  • Referring IPs  : Yes
  • Referring Domains  : Yes
  • Referring Subnets  : Yes
  • Lost Backlinks  : No
  • New Backlinks  : No
  • SEO Metrics  : Limited
  • TLD Extension Analysis  : No
  • Data Export  : Yes
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Great Backlink Analysis Tool

Reviewed by Gordon on 2014-05-14 14:15:12

Very cool tool, thanks! Can't believe nobody seems to know it (yet?).




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