Backlink Analysis Tools Reviews & Comparisons 2014

Backlink explorer and analysis tools helps with checking backlinks and analyse them for variety of purpose. Since backlinks today are one of the most helpful indicator of website's popularity, backlink checker tools are among must have tools for site owners. Below are some leading tools compared with their features and price. Please note, most of them offer monthly pricing.

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Product Name Ahrefs Majestic SEO Open Site Explorer SEOKicks WebMeUp
Website Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit
Pricing US$ 79 US$ 49.95 US$ 99 US$ 13.75 US$ 59
Backlink Tool - Features
Site Explorer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Domain Comparison Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Social Metrics Yes No Yes No No
SEO Reports Yes Yes Yes No No
Historic Index Yes Yes No No No
Unique URLs Size 306 Billion 205 Billion 91 Billion 50 Billion 319 Billion
Developer API Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anchor Text Analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Referring IPs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Referring Domains Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Referring Subnets Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lost Backlinks Yes Yes No No No
New Backlinks Yes Yes Yes No No
SEO Metrics Yes Yes Yes Limited No
TLD Extension Analysis Yes Yes Yes No No
Data Export Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Aspects To Consider Before Buying A Backlink Checking Tools

Today there are thousands of SEO enhancing platforms available, which claim to provide a comprehensive solution guide with their exuberant focus on each and every crucial e-marketing component. There is a cardinal provision to facilitate a highly extended and ongoing updating pool of fresh back linking data and other significant tools like Ranking trackers and Keywords analyser.

Site Explorers & Backlink Checking

Different proficient technical reporting mechanisms enable a subscriber to check on the various errors within the website which has to be taken for SEO. It becomes complicated even for a web expert to select the best Site exploring program, as every particular facilitator claims different productive advantages with a significant conviction. To make the selection criteria easier let’s highlight some of the most paramount technical and qualitative aspects which a subscriber must always consider before availing any backlink checking and SEO enhancing service

Additional Marketing Tools

SEO reporting is a highly authentic service which enables a subscriber to understand weather a website is running according the directions of the most prominent search engines or not. There are certain smart tools which analyse the various critical aspects from the top e-commerce websites. Comparison of the crucial factors enables a subscriber to bring dominant updates and achieve higher rankings. The service providers ought to facilitate these websites’ performance enhancing services for helping the subscribers in gaining quick results.

Refreshing Backlink Database and Self-Crawlers   

A comprehensive digital marketing enhancing service must offer a vast pool of continuously refreshing backlink database with the addition of new links every second. The organisation ought to include its exclusive web crawlers for striving to increase the bandwidth of data crawling and help in attaining superb results.

Batch Analysing Study

Batch analysing is a prominent subject which allows a subscriber to figure out various credential traits from a competitive website. A group of websites can be taken for finding out vital SEO features. The study can be highly conducive for quick content, plugins and security updates.


The program must be proactively responsive with the best guidance on each and every step of navigation. The developers ought to provide a strong easy to access informational base for rectifying any significant error and for supporting on different operational difficulties.

Free Trials & Money Return Policy

Today there are several SEO boosting backlink analysing programs which offer a free trial period before a subscriber initiates a paid membership. The trial enables the subscriber to judge the authenticity of a platform’s performance and promises. Another crucial policy which different facilitators offering these days is money back guarantee. If a user does not find a service worthwhile and has certain complaints, he could escalate the issue to the technical desk and ask for the complete money back.

Privacy & Licensing

The service providing online organisation must take the sole responsibility to take the best care of confidential and highly sensitive information provided by the subscribers. Special accrediting bodies are there to verify the developers with the state laws for the authentic and safe use of online details. The company must ask for consent from a subscriber in case of sharing and private information to the third party.

Consumer Support

The time utilized to provide results and analysis is one of the most vital factors in judging the service of an online search exploration company. SEO activation demands a dynamic mechanism without any delays and interruptions. The facilitators must offer a world class customer support with easy to understand step to step guidance.


If you're looking these backlink explorer tools primarily to develop a product based on them, then API support and pricing does matter a lot too. Some of these tools don't offer API access for entry level planning while tools like MajesticSEO includes them with every package. They are mostly helpful from developer point of view.


The gratifications for an independent web expert may differ from a mammoth SEO enterprise but both demand a well responsive service with a stupendous customer support and product specialization.

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