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Active background search platform, offers crucial traits as Identity projection, well updated and spontaneous mechanism, supports developing and new industrial set ups.


It requires responsiveness with customer support and feature like criminal background check ought to be state specific.


The searching program acts smartly to facilitate various personal and industrial reports. The software is highly useful for established enterprises and law professionals. Basic free information adds a great support for general users.

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Intelius is an effective people search program which has been developed to bring out quick and accurate information on different critical features including background check, criminal records, property look up and more. The platform enables different progressing industrial set ups to have a strong check on its employees and associates background.

The developers have come up with a specialized approach on personal and industrial concerns. The idea centralizes on identity protection and having an authentic medium for monitoring essential business credentials of known and remote vocational links.


Intelius people search program offers three different specialized versions with some highly significant information in relation with your business and on individual aspects. Intelius Premier, identity protection and employee screening are the exclusive business based search tools. On the contrary, the program allows you to access some free basic information in the sections known as the background check, criminal records, reverse look ups, civil court records and more.


Intelius Premier offers unlimited people searches and reverse phone look ups at a price of $19.95 per month. You receive the benefit of 2 days free trial for checking the program’s authenticity. Identity protection provides a 7 day risk free trial to protect your identity on several credential official matters. It comes in $19.95 per month. You need to pay the same price for employment background check which is one of the most sought out tools for every developing business. Nationwide criminal check is available on a special price of $29.95 with Intelius Premier. One needs to pay $39.95 separately for the crucial and highly sensitive criminal reports on an individual enquiry. Same price is being charged for property records section to facilitate you with vital history.


Employee screening and identity protection are the two stupendous industrial oriented additions. The program provides S.S.N Trace, National Sex Offender History Check, Courthouse verification, address history and 7 year national criminal in depth in employee screening. Credit history view, receiving credit score, $1 million identity theft insurance, identity recovery kit and 24 x 7 access to fraud resolution experts is the credible traits of identity protection.
Intelius Premium is a comprehensive in depth search solution kit on personal and industrial level. Property records tool helps significantly in receiving authentic details like owner’s history, sale and purchase records, disputes, penalties, etc. The search program acts as an aggregation of distinctive aspects, which are vital in trade, legal and personal joints.


Once the program has been subscribed, the company acts fast to provide quick results with 24 hours of time span. The interface is easily adaptable and guides on every significant step. Trial period helps an individual to judge the authenticity and to look forward to a complete package. One receives free mobile app for the Intelius Premier activation to receive data quickly over his smartphone.


Intelius has been assessed and certified by TRUSTe's Privacy Seal. The recognition supports the company as a safe and secure internet system for subscribers and investors.


Intelius is a well-supported diversified people search program and it acts as a vital tool by providing some highly authentic industrial facts. The basic free informative section is a great initiative to make the user understand about its credibility. Avail People search engine and it could be stupendously captivating for business and property affairs.

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