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To understand the importance of a good domain name, we need to understand its purpose and convenience first.

Almost everyone knows what a website is. In a broad sense, a website is a set of web pages that may include different types of content - text, images, documents and any other possible information. Web pages are stored on a web server - a real computer. While a domain name is the location address of such pages. When you type a domain name into the search box, the browser understands where to look exactly for the needed server. 

So, the purpose of a good domain name is to make it easier to remember the site address and to reach it faster with less effort. That is why it is a good reason to choose a domain with short and catchy words or phrases. 

Now, the convenience. Nobody likes to do extra actions, if you can get the same result with less actions. So wisely chosen domain name saves your time reaching the website you need. Not even mentioning that successfully selected domain name directly affects the success of SEO optimization. Today the growth of Internet is very rapid and tangible, mostly by virtue of huge numbers of users from Africa and Asia. And now around 400 million domain names are in use worldwide, and amongst all this mass of domain names many people associate quality websites with .com name.  Domain names in the .com zone are very popular due to their respectable nature, but unfortunately almost all names in the .com zone are already taken, also they’re pretty expensive.  That's when “Intis Telecom” stepped into the game and bought the premium domain, which allowed to launch a more affordable alternative to .com.

There are few ways for a website to be successful and well-known – bright design, convenient navigation, well-known brand, good feedbacks, etc. But nobody can disagree that an eye-catching and easy to remember address makes the first and most important impression. And it is easier to remember an address when it is a familiar phrase or contains a well-known abbreviation or even a word.

The domain zone also offers several advantages: there are plenty of beautiful, short, unoccupied names you were always looking for and it is the most affordable domain zone. There are currently over a thousand different domain names that are available for free registration. Each such domain has its own price – some are higher, and some are lower, all depends only on your imagination.

Low cost of domain names in the zone 

The .com domain zone is the most expensive one. At the same time, to become the owner of an domain name you have to pay $49 per year, which is very cheap in comparison to the .com name and if you want to get it for the next 5 years or more, the subscription will cost you even lower - $30 per year. 

But that’s not all. Some of the domain names Intis Telecom have identified as "premium". They are priced higher. Such domain names include popular English phrase words and the most common domain names in the .com zone. Some domain names can even cost up to $15,000. And we do not want to scare you with these prices, as $15,000 is the maximum price and includes all the top names, even such as those which are related to cryptocurrency. For comparison, the same "top" domain in the .com zone would be tens or even hundreds times more expensive.  While calculating the cost of premium domain names, "Intis Telecom" was guided by the fact that so called cybersquatters are unlikely to buy such domains, which will allow those who really want to buy such for their businesses - will give that amount with gratitude. Furthermore, you can always offer your price for "premium" address you wish to have and discuss it with us.

The domain zone development plans

As per the latest updates during 2021 the Company also bought up two-letter domains with other extensions including .hn, .to, .ax, .sb, .uy, .tn, .by, kz, .ae and .broker, with prices ranging from $2K to $25K. Registration service is also offered for all these extensions.

Company never stops improving. For example, this year "Intis Telecom" plans to add new services which will improve the overall user experience. For example, a usable link reduction service (also developed by Intis) will facilitate the redirection option to an existing site.  Also "Intis Telecom" is currently working on offering several additional options in a "one-stop-shop" format with the help of partner companies. For example, protection against DDOS attacks and fast website loading is a service provided by the international company CloudFlare. Another novelty conceived by "Intis Telecom" will be a website builder Webflow, along with additional Google email, which will be available for domain name buyers.

To summarize, if you are looking to buy an affordable .com domain with additional benefits, is the best option on the market for you.

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