Agency Platform Dashboard Review: An Affordable SEO Suite

Do you know how you can stay ahead of the competition?

If you run a blog, then you must invest in an SEO tool. Up ahead, we are going to review a cutting edge SEO suite that will help you get a competitive edge over your competition.


Agency Platform Dashboard is an SEO tool. It is a White Label SEO solution that caters to your SEO needs. It offers accurate analytics data to help you increase your audience.


We will describe the features of the Agency Platform Dashboard in the following:

Mobile Website Generator

This dashboard offers the best features for the mobile platform, including the following:

Mobile-friendly Design

This platform lets you design a smartphone-friendly website. These sites are designed specifically for touchscreens. The platform will do everything; just upload your logo, choose a colour scheme and upload your content. Based on your selections and content, the tool will create a professional looking website for your business.

Advanced Analytics Data

The dashboard enables you to track advanced analytics data for your ad campaign. It lets you view activity on every QR code with geolocation data, date and time. It even includes information on the device used to scan the code.

Central Dashboard for All Social Media Channels

This platform lets the user centralise their social media channels under one roof. It offers them easy access to different social media channels so they can share their content across all channels. It also lets the end user share your content on their profile. Doing so helps you create a bond with your audience.

Instant Access to Contacts

The dashboard makes it possible to have every contact at your fingertips. Get in touch with clients through text messages, emails and even calls.

Mapping Features

If you have a brick and mortar shop, the mapping feature will help your clients find your shop on GPS with turn-by-turn directions.

White Label Dashboard

The SEO suite helps you promote your business across different dimensions. The following features help with:

Customer Credentials

If your clients want to see their name in every logged area of the Dashboard, you can let them edit it with Agency Platform.

Branded PDFs

Do you know what clients love the most? It’s to see their name branded everywhere. Agency Platform lets you embed their name into PDFs as well.

Actionable Reports

The White Label SEO Dashboard makes it easy for you to create actionable reports for your clients to review. The tool assigns special login for every client.

User and Role Management

Define different access levels when assigning roles. Once you create these roles, you can assign them to deserving candidates. It helps you with Role Management. 

Assign Default User Roles

The tool comes with a set of default user roles. You can assign these roles to different users.

Create Customised Roles

In case the given structure doesn’t work out for you, you can customise the user roles as you see fit. This application lets you create roles based on your requirements.

Project Collaboration

Now you can collaborate with your clients on multiple levels on a real-time basis.

Pending Issues

You can review pending information from the client’s side. This way, even though the client doesn’t forward important information, you can still make your plans for impending changes.


Keep your followers, and clients up to date. Let them know about the status of your product with an on-demand or regular report. These reports are archived later. This tool even lets your clients access backdated reports.


This is more of a scheduled plan for activities. It’s earmarked for a given day or time. When the work is done, it automatically gets checked and serves as evidence that you completed the given task. The unperformed activities are highlighted in red. It lets the clients keep track of activities performed and not performed. As far as the completed and checked activities are concerned, the clients can cross-check in the conversation related to it.


A multi-level conversation venue where you can have real-time communication with clients, or the other parties involved in the project. When you communicate with a client, a notification is sent to their email address with the content of your communication. It works as an additional alert for your clients. You can supplement the whole conversation with attachments.


This means the people who are involved in a project and who you let into the conversation. This conversation can be shared universally with all your subscribers or a selected audience.

Project Details

Project Details shows your customers’ preferences. This helps you create an end product that will satisfy your customers better.


It’s an affordable solution that delivers on its promise. If you don’t understand something, the user guide will help you. This dashboard comes laced with every feature you need to stay ahead of the game. This tool even lets you track future opportunities.