Anti Virus Software Reviews & Comparisons 2014

Anti-virus software is a must have tool for every personal computer user. Due to more and more exposure with internet these days, computers are easy to target without anti virus software. Below are some leading anti virus software compared according to their feature and yearly license price.

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Product Name BitDefender Anti-Virus Plus Kaspersky Anti-Virus ZoneAlarm Anti Virus Pro F-Secure Anti Virus Panda Anti Virus Pro AVG AntiVirus Pro Avast Pro Antivirus Norton AntiVirus
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Pricing US$ 49.95 US$ 59.95 US$ 34.95 US$ 39.99 US$ 49.99 US$ 39.99 US$ 39.99 US$ 39.95
Anti Virus Features
Spyware Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Malware Protection Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Privacy Protection Yes No Yes Yes Limited Yes No Limited
Firewall Protection Optional Optional Yes No Yes No No No
Virus Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
USB Detection Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Payment Protection Yes Yes No No No No Yes Basic
Phishing Protection Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
Online Storage Optional None 2 GB No No No No No
Download Protection Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Real Time Protection Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Remote Management Yes No No No No No No No
General Information
Support Email 4 Livechat 4 3 4 3 3
Supported OS(es) 5+ 4 4 5+ 4 4 4 4
Special Features Many Many Many Yes Yes Many Yes Many

Buying an Antivirus Software - Tips

Knowing that a virus has suddenly attacked your computer is no less than facing a nightmare. These days, even a single virus proves to be enough to damage your system. Even worst, such an attack can destroy all your data on the disk in such a way that it becomes irretrievable. As a fact, we are getting increasingly dependent on the Internet that is also the source of new threats for our PCs. Therefore, it has become extremely important to have an antivirus program.

Being aware of the unmatchable significance of the data you need to protect from all types of threats, there is usually a no major reason for anybody to choose a less powerful antivirus. In fact, the extra cost you pay for a superior antivirus is worthy to cover the risk you get to rid of quickly. Despite this, each individual has one’s own budget to govern the features and functionality to have. Further, even the usage dominates the selection of the antivirus. For example, a PC that is not meant for kid’s use will not need parental controls in an antivirus. In order to make you select the right antivirus, here are some features to consider.

Threat Detection Technology

Nowadays, antivirus tools employ different technologies and methods to defend your computer from spyware and malware. The most common and basic one is the signature-based technology that detects a specific file or pattern in a suspicious file. Although this is very precise in operation, the issue is that the antivirus needs to be programmed to detect a particular threat, which means no protection from new threats.

Another method or technology in use is heuristic detection, a more proactive way to detect malware by analyzing the behavior of files, not code. However, this method has high chances of false positives. Nevertheless, if utilized accurately, it is intelligent enough to protect you from any new virus.

The latest programs employ cloud-based detection wherein the database of viruses exists in the cloud to detect new viruses without putting the burden on system resources.


An ideal antivirus program will use your resources optimally to perform its security operations without slowing the system speed. There are several antivirus programs to offer additional features for reducing its operational effect on your system, such as laptop or battery’ mode. Further, the access of cloud-based virus database reduces the demand on the resources due to which you can perform your download, upload, and other heavy tasks smoothly. The cloud technology gathers virus information from a big network, instead of maintaining on your disk.

Even you need to check out the scanning speed. Antivirus programs come with several scan modes, of which the Full Scan is likely to consume more resources. While this is fine, ensure that the time taken is least. Further, any scan should not make you stop your work or obstruct the downloading process.

Similarly, even the updates should happen without hindering your work. Most software programs tend to update automatically on a daily or hourly basis. However, a few free choices allow a manual intervention.

Useful Tools

You will find many antivirus programs that offer handy tools such as firewall to filter communication and block malicious ones on a network, data shredder to erase even the deleted files having critical information completely from the disk, and tracker blocker to stop any Web page to track your online activities. Do look at these tools and select the program that offers the ones you need the most.

Extra Layers of Security

Most antivirus programs do not restrict themselves in dealing with only malware and spyware. They come with a variety of other security features as well. If you need an unobtrusive app, you will demand the ability to set schedules or run scans when you are not working on your PC. Further, you may even demand for secure browsing and banking online. You might also love to have anti-spam, anti-phishing, reboot CD creation, and free trial offers. Apparently, most of these security features are of an Internet Security suite. Luckily, a few antivirus programs have started providing these features for attracting more customers.

In short, you need to buy an antivirus program as per your usage and performance needs.

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