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Light on system resources, multi dimensional scanning for more comprehensive detection, checks critical points in system regularly, prior scheduling for automatic scanning.


Lack of anti-phishing technology and gaming mode, lacks reporting options.


The pros outweigh the cons as far as this antimalware tool is concerned with features for providing comprehensive protection against a wide range of malicious contents without putting a huge strain on the system resources.

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The SUPERAntiSpyware software provides a highly worthwhile choice to both individual users and large enterprises in the fight against all types of malicious contents that abound the cyberspace. The evolving security scenario makes it crucial that both individuals and institutions take all the necessary steps for ensuring adequate protection of their data and system.

This tool comes with a range of features aimed at maximizing its capability to prevent a variety of malicious contents from gaining access to its users’ computers. It provides all the features that a large enterprise would require for maintaining their network in a secured state without compromising its efficiency and productivity.

Key Features

It comes with an extremely intuitive user interface for easy access to all of its different features. The presence of features such as Multidimensional Scanning and Real-Time Blocking helps in ensuring that the system remains vigilant against all types of threats emanating from malicious contents. It also helps in pinpointing the likely point of entry for all such threats.

Process Interrogation Technology features helps in detecting malicious contents that use highly sophisticated obfuscation mechanisms to prevent most other antimalware tools from detecting them. Finally, the Task Scheduling feature enables the users to schedule automatic scanning to ensure that the system remains vigilant at all times against security threats.

Different Packages

The SUPERAntiSpyware application is available in a variety of packages to suit the requirements of the users based on their scale of use and other conditions. The Professional version is the best choice for individual users and it is available at a price of $19.95 after a hefty discount.

The Portable Scanner version Technicians edition is suitable for users looking to clean up their computers from portable devices such as USB drives without the requirement of internet connection. On the other hand, the Personal edition is suitable for cleaning a system of malwares that are preventing installation of other programs.

For users requiring multiple licenses for organizations, the choice includes versions for academic institutions, NGOs, and business establishments. The Enterprise version offers streamlining of the security procedure and attractive discount on the price.


The software is suitable for use with various other security programs in tandem for providing maximum security to the users. The use of multidimensional scanning plays a stellar role in detecting and removing threats emanating from wide range of probable sources. It also regularly checks all the critical points in the system to identify ones that are the most vulnerable to future attacks. The option for repairing damages caused by malware activities and availability of detailed scan logs helps in maintaining maximum degree of security.


The program offers an open-ended version to its users by providing an extremely useful enterprise version for large-scale operations. In this version, users can utilize the Central management Solution features to install this tool on multiple computers seamlessly and streamline the security operation of the entire network at once. The administrators control the primary function of the security network with the software sending email notifications regularly to shed light on the health and assessed risk of the network.


The software can provide holistic security to its users against the unscrupulous activities of malwares, Trojans, adware, worms, phishing tools, and all such malicious contents. Thus, it can become an integral part of the security measures to protect ones computer and data from all such intrusions, and attacks.

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