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Efficient removal of rootkits, compact OS, user-friendly interface, custom mode, regular update of malware database, automated scheduler for greater convenience.


Prone to more frequent malfunctioning, lack a helpline number.


SpyHunter software can be suitable for protecting valuable data from the intrusive actions of malwares and a range of other malicious applications.

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The SpyHunter software performs much more than merely detecting spywares with its versatility allowing it to detect a variety of other malicious applications including malwares, Trojans, rootkits, worms, adware, and others. The advanced technology it uses to detect malwares enables it to remain several steps ahead of these emerging threats.

How It Works?

This tool specializes in detecting threats that stay hidden within the most unlikely of places in a system and root them out with efficiency. It comes as a complete package as far as antimalware tools are concerned with the presence of a compact OS enabling effective removal of rootkits. Thus, it provides complete protection against most of the likely sources of threat emanating from the cyberspace.

Key Features

The SpyHunter antimalware tool comes with an extremely intuitive interface, which enables users to utilize its many features irrespective of their skill level. The Custom Scan option allows the users to scan specific part of their system such as memory, registry, or files at a fraction of time taken by a full scan. The System Guard feature is for blocking the execution of any malicious applications for preventing damages caused by their harmful actions.

The Network Sentry feature extends its protection to the browser application of its users by preventing modification of settings and hijacking of homepage by any malware. Users can also restore objects removed by SpyHunter to their original form using the backup feature. Furthermore, the presence of an Exclusions Panel allows users to include application they do not want this antimalware tool to recognize as threats to their computer in that panel.

Different Packages

This software is available to users at a competitive rates going by the prices offered by its peer in the market. Interested users can avail of this antimalware tool by paying $39.95 for a license for a single computer, which is valid for 6 months. Users receive all the protective features available with this tool at that price. Users also receive regular updates on the malware database, as well as, dedicated support staff for coming up with custom fixes for persistent infections.


The SpyHunter antimalware program utilizes advanced detection technology for taking care of persistent and evolving forms of malware. This software allows users to scan all the potentially vulnerable spots in their systems such as startup programs, registries, cookies, files, and others.

Users can also receive custom fixes from the Help Desk for taking care of unique problems for a particular computer. The Scan Scheduler ensures that it scans the computer regularly and does not miss out due to human error. Thus, it helps in providing a holistic approach to all the emerging security concerns arising from malwares.


The SpyHunter program provides a capable choice for fighting malicious contents that can jeopardize the sanctity of any computer and the information it contains. The license for this application is available for use on single computers and users requiring installation on more than one computer can avail multiple licenses.


Users of the SpyHunter software can expect all-round protection from the likely damages that malwares, Trojans, worms, rootkits, and other malicious applications can cause to their computer. Thus, this tool can be quite helpful for securing valuable and sensitive data from theft and intrusion in an effective and affordable manner.

The versatility of this antimalware application makes it worthy of selection for protecting sensitive data and secures computers. The pros far outweigh the cons making it an investment worth its value.

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