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Protection against various PC threats, blocking of malicious URLs, correction of unwanted changes done to Windows settings, installs quickly causing no problems, best value for money in its class.


Slow down of PC processing speed.


Suitable for all those individuals and organizations who wish to keep their computers free from the debilitating attacks by malwares, which usually lead to loss of performance and data.

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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software can be the ideal way to keep one's computer safe from the intrusions made by malicious entities known as malwares which are exceedingly numerous in the cyber space. This tool works on the "freemium model", and provides its basic features free of cost while encouraging the users to upgrade to its premium version for ensuring maximum security to their systems.

The software provides options to its users to upgrade to packages depending upon the number of computers they are going to use it upon for maximizing their price benefits. Thus, it can be among the most viable choices for protecting sensitive data and browser history from unscrupulous elements.

Key Features

Malwarebytes Anti Malware software comes with a very effective scanning engine for blocking various types of malicious websites. The tool provides for scheduling of automatic scanning thus blocking various hacking and phishing attempts. This application has three highly flexible scanning modes and is compatible with most leading antivirus programs and endpoint security programs. It is capable of providing protection against malwares by detecting and blocking them in real-time. Anti-Rootkit feature enables users to detect and remove rootkits embedded deep into their system without compromising with its settings. The Malwarebytes Chameleon features prevent malwares from blocking installation of this software.

Different Packages

Malwarebytes Anti malware software comes in a wide array of packages to suit the usability of users with different range of types of requirements. The packages range from basic freeware version that provides features such as removal of malwares and Trojans from computers that antivirus applications most often miss, to products for use in large organizations. The packages for the business users are designed for the large number of computers that are used within their network, and works up a model that ensures maximum price benefit for them.


Malwarebytes can be quite effective in protecting its users’ system from malicious intrusion by malicious applications for extracting valuable and sensitive information. This can be of immense significance to not only enterprises dealing with sensitive information but individuals whose online behavior might be under surveillance. Thus, it has become indispensable these days to utilize the capabilities to anti malware applications for preventing such attacks.


Malwarebytes is capable of meeting its users’ requirements regardless of the size of their enterprise. Its high scalability becomes possible because of the availability of various packages ranging from those for single computers to the Enterprise edition for more than 50 licenses. Thus, users can benefit from its capable protection regardless of the scale of their operations and number of computers within their network. Moreover, users receive this enhanced protection for their business network at an affordable rate.


Malwarebytes Anti Malware software can provide holistic and affordable protection to users who have fear of malwares, and various other such forms of threat. In the present scenario, this threat perception is all very real and unscrupulous elements abound in the cyberspace to latch onto any minor lax on part of the internet users. Thus, it becomes essential to take all precautions possible to keep one safe from these attacks, and the Malwarebytes can be a worthy candidate to offer any such protection.

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