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Twin-engine scanner on demand, utility aids providing system exploration, blocks access to previously known malicious URLs, warns against potential malwares, quarantines some of the blocked malwares, ease of use.


Tendency to block several valid programs, Puts high strain on system resources for certain routine activities.


It is highly suitable for detecting virtually every type of threat originating from malwares and other such malicious content, though this tool does not guarantee their complete removal from the infected system.

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Emsisoft Anti-Malware can be ideal for detecting any possible source of threat from malwares with its highly effective twin-engine scanner acting as a capable tool for detecting all such items. Its significance lies in the increased threat perception that has become common these days because of an increase in the instances of cyber attacks and surveillances. Antimalware tools can be a worthy weapon for defending one’s privacy in both private and professional life against such intrusions. They are also highly scalable which makes them suitable for utilization for both personal and professional purposes.

Key Features

Emsisoft Anti-Malware software provides a set of features for ensuring maximum protection against unintentional damages caused by users to their own systems. The Surf Protection feature ensures this by using a built-in list of all the known websites of malicious or fraudulent nature to prevent users from accessing any of them. The File Guard feature scans all the downloaded and executed files for ensuring they do not match with its repository of more than 10 million signatures of known malicious applications. Other features such as Behavior Blocker and Live Cloud Verification provides for real-time blockage of malwares for maximum security.

Options & Packages

Emsisoft provides its users with a choice of packages to match their requirements. Individual users can opt for the antimalware version with options for yearly and longer duration subscription packages. The longer duration packages offer greater discount on the subscription rates, and this incremental rates can push the overall price down quite significantly.

The server version is suitable for protecting the server immediately after booting. In fact, it provides protection even in the absence of any active loggers on the server. Moreover, the administrators receive email notification regarding the status of security of their server. Finally, the Enterprise edition can provide features such as holistic view, remote installation, and utmost protection of multiple computers and servers on any network.


Emsisoft Anti-Malware software provides a holistic approach to every type of security threats that can materialize for a user’s system, irrespective of whether it is on its own or part of a larger network. It sends emails regularly to the user, or the administrator of any server or network regarding the perceived level of threats. The application also boasts of a quality support team and range of articles for providing latest tips and tricks for keeping one’s system safe from such unscrupulous elements.


Emsisoft application provides for extensive scalability option to its users to take care of their security demands regardless the range of their network. The Enterprise version is suitable for large-scale business organizations with number of servers and computers within a network. Regular updating of the list of malicious websites helps in ensuring that the users remain protected from ever evolving and emerging threats.


Emsisoft Anti-Malware software can be the tool worth its value when it comes to protecting computers and servers from attack by malwares. This will help in protecting sensitive and valuable information from falling prey to hackers and other unscrupulous elements. Overall, it returns more than the investment it entails from its users.

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