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Proshow Gold is an inexpensive application that can help you memorialize any moment of your life including a wedding, graduation, and even a family get together.

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Slideshows are a great way to share captured moments of your life with family and friends. Proshow Gold can help you create a well put-together slideshow that is visually appealing and will impress everyone in the room. Here are some of the features and things that are inside Proshow and can help you easily make a slideshow.

Styles & Transitions

Proshow Gold comes with over 650 effects that you can use to enhance your photos and videos. Previewing and using an effect is literally as simple as clicking. Some of the things you can do with transitions is page turns, multi-photo montages creation and much more. With Proshow you can even create customized motion effects to add an extra layer of personalization to your slideshow.

If you find the 650 effects included insidethe software to be a little bit bland, then there are additional ones you can download. Proshow is compatible with downloadable "StylePacks" which add extra styles and transitions to the software.

Captions and Caption Effects

Proshow supports both OpenType fonts and TrueType fonts, so you can use pretty much any font installed on your computer to add captions to your images. You can choose your own color, font, and size when you are adding a caption to an image. You can also use some of the effects found inside Proshow to enhance the captions even more. With effects you can turn captions into rolling credits, can add fade-ins and fad-outs, and can just enhance them in general.

ProShow Remote App

When you purchase Proshow you have the ability to download a free iOS app called the "ProShow Remote App". The app allows you to easily send finished slideshows from Proshow to your iPhone or iPad through wireless. Besides being able to transfer the slideshows over wireless to your iPhone, you can use the app to turn your device into a full-blown remote for Proshow. With the app you can play, pause, skip, rewind and even full screen slideshows inside Proshow.

Audio Editing

Proshow comes with built-in audio to tools that can be used to set fades, trim tracks, crossfade between multiple songs and can even be used to record voice overs. Thanks to volume control points, you could also use the audio tools to blend together music and videos.

Sharing Features

Once you finish creating your slideshow you're going to want to share it with family and friends. Sharing a finished slideshow is pretty easy with Proshow because of its built in sharing features. Proshow supports 40 of the most popular formats for watching slideshows online, on TVs and on other devices. Besides that, Proshow can help you post to Facebook and Youtube. One of the more unique things about Proshow and it's sharing features is that you can save/share your slideshow as an executable windows file.


Proshow Gold comes with a library of 650 effects that can help you give each slideshow you create a unique "taste". The support for multiple font types and the ability to add effects to text also give you an unlimited amount of ways to caption each slide. The most notable things about Proshow Gold is the free app that can turn your phone into a remote for Slideshow, and the fact that you can export your slideshow as an executable that can run on any PC. Proshow Gold definitely comes with every feature you could possibly need to make a good slideshow.

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