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Flip Builder allows you to convert PDF into eBooks with different elegant templates, as well as do many other conversion tasks. It offers various products for Windows and Mac platforms, including Flip PDF, Flip PDF Professional, Flip Shopping Catalog, Flip PowerPoint Pro, Flip Writer, and more.


The eBooks created by Flip Builder software can only be opened via browsers, with the latest version of Flash Player. The eBooks that are converted using the software may not be able to be read in various eBook reader devices.


Flip Builder is a good software that you can use to create interactive and fully-featured eBooks for online publications, which may help to make your online brochures, annual reports, and business newsletters look more interesting to read. There are hosts of useful software that you can use for your business, which can turn your business presentation into an interesting read.

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Flip Builder is a collection of software that helps businesses in their digital publishing activities. With the main software, Flip PDF Professional, you can turn any PDF into interactive eBooks that can be uploaded to view on your website. The software is created by the Wonder Idea Technology Limited, a software company based in North Point, Hong Kong.

Interactive eBook Conversion

With Flip Builder, you can convert your PDF or documents into interactive eBooks. You can also add various media files into your eBook, with various other animation features. In this way, your eBook becomes more interesting to read, either offline or online. For offline reading, you can convert your eBook into various flexible formats, including HTML, EXE, ZIP, App, FBR, and mobile HTML. You can also publish your eBook directly to your website, so that you can let your website visitors to read it online. There are various templates and designs to choose from, which gives you plenty of choices to present your eBook in the best possible way.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Your eBook is compatible with any browser that supports the latest version of Flash software. It means that whether you are using a mobile device, desktop, laptop, or tablet, you can still able to view your converted eBook perfectly and interact with it. With the mobile-friendly template, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility of your eBook with your device, as its responsive template allows your eBook to be loaded smoothly even on small screen. You can view your eBook in full screen, turn on automatic flipping option, highlight texts, annotate, and do various things easily on any device.

Windows and Mac Compatible

The software offered by Flip Builder can be used in either Windows or Mac operating system, which means that whatever platform you are using, you can turn your documents, PDF, and presentation into interactive eBooks easily with this software. The minimum software requirement for Windows platform is Windows XP, while the minimum software requirement for the Mac platform is Mac OS 10.5. The software can be purchased with one-time license, along with free lifetime upgrade for your device. Some of the software is provided for free, such as Kingsoft Office Flip, Free Flip Reader, and Free PDF to Flash.


Flip Builder provides a lot of useful software for businesses to enhance the presentation of their digital publications. You can turn your PDF, presentation, documents, images, and more into interactive eBooks with this software, and you can publish it directly to your website. However, the software might not be suitable for those who want to convert their files into regular eBooks to be read on their eBook reader devices.

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  • Convert  : Yes
  • Edit  : Yes
  • Protection  : Yes
  • Create Forms  : Yes
  • OCR Support  : No
  • Merge PDF  : Yes
  • Save Forms  : Yes

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  • Special Features  : Many
  • Supported OS(es)  : 4
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