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100% wireless and versatile, free home evaluation, unique image sensor, wired to wireless conversion, remote control, lifetime guarantee.


Need professional installation, less automation tools, upfront equipment cost.


An ideal option for those who need the state-of-the-art security devices with professional installation.

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Pinnacle Security is known for its state-of-the art security systems offering reliable solutions to the most problematic areas in their homes. With diverse experience, the company has progressed a lot to render the mind of their customers peaceful. Although there are no such distinct systems or services on offer, its products are wireless and robust.

Unlike other home security providers, Pinnacle facilitates only professional installation. As a result, it becomes difficult to relocate your system in case you move to your new home. However, Pinnacle makes it possible for you to relocate at a fee or contract that depends on the duration for which you were using the system.


There are different security systems on offer, each fulfilling a different set of security requirements. For instance, the Frequent Traveler system features smoke detectors and glass-break sensors to supervise your home in your absence for a longer period, while the Security Plus Medical system has medical pendants to deal smartly with serious medical conditions. In short, Pinnacle has all facilities to deal with your different security needs.

Like other home surveillance systems, the company offers wireless systems to facilitate remote control as well as monitoring. Home alarms linked through cellular towers are foolproof for the intruder to cut it and render it useless. Further, the devices on offer deal with a variety of threats such as floods, burglars, and fires.

Distinct Devices

There are different motion sensors on offer, but there is an additional image sensor with a unique functionality, a product that no other vendor offers. The image sensor can detect movement from top to 35 feet away with a built-in camera that allows taking two snaps and uploading the same to the Internet.

Similarly, one more distinct device to admire is the translator that allows integrating several old components with the wireless technology. Via this equipment, you can add wireless sensors to a wired platform and upgrade the monitoring panel to a touch screen keypad. It works by converting wired signals into wireless. Consider this device if you wish to upgrade your system without spending money on retransforming the entire system.

Like a few top companies, Pinnacle uses GE or General Electric equipment. Therefore, a standard professional installation will include motion sensors, window and door sensors, the Simon XT panel, and other detectors. However, you can activate and deactivate the system remotely.

Home Automation

Pinnacle also allows you to monitor your home’s climate automatically. Although there are some common automation tools on sale, the domain is not so highly focused. Further, due to professional installation, you need to upfront cost of the equipment, which might disappoint you.


Pinnacle Security is specialized in offering excellent home security systems with lifetime warranty and diverse devices to defend you and your family at home. 

Home Security Features

  • 100% Wireless  : Yes
  • 24/7 Monitoring  : Yes
  • Remote Monitoring  : No
  • Cellular / Internet  : Upgrade
  • Interactive Monitoring  : No
  • Home Automation  : No
  • Health Monitoring  : Yes
  • Fire Protection  : Yes
  • Environmental Protection  : Yes
  • Intrusion Sensors  : No
  • Mobile Apps  : No
  • Support  : 2
  • Unique Features  : Yes
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