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Compare various credit report agencies and their features and learn who offers the best credit score services. Compare CreditKarma with Equifax, Experian, Transunion, MyFico and many Credit score services.


No support for Equifax and Experian scores or reports.


A useful choice for those who wish to view and track financial information from a FREE account.

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CreditKarma stands apart in the competition of providing credit scores and reports with its FREE services. Right from getting your credit score to monitoring your credit, you neither pay a single penny nor subscribe to a free trial. You get to view and monitor credit information that is on your TransUnion credit report. The service provider also offers credit trends, auto insurance score, and Vantage score.

Different Products

As such, there is no plan or diverse products on offer. You actually enjoy its free credit report card, credit monitoring service, and credit history service.


The features of CreditKarma are truly unique from what other service providers in this field offer. Of all, its free tools including calculators for optimizing the score and debt management recommendations to save money are highly useful.

FREE Scores

The dashboard of your CreditKarma account shows different scores such as TransUnion, Vantage, and auto insurance. While the TransUnion score comes from TransUnion to indicate your creditworthiness, the Vantage score is the outcome of the efforts of Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.

Coming straight from your TransUnion credit report is the auto insurance score. It is in demand by the companies in the respective field for assessing the possibility of you filing an insurance claim.

FREE Credit Report Card

This one is innovative with a comprehensible summary of your credit details for giving you an insight to your credit history and its impact on your status currently. It is something that no other service provider has on offer.

Available in the dashboard, the card shows an overall grade along with the separate grade for criteria such as credit card utilization, credit inquiries, percentage of payments made on time, total accounts, debt, age of credit history, and derogatory marks.

Such an organization makes it very clear, as to where you stand in terms of what is beneficial or hurtful for your credit score. At the same time, you also come to know what you need to improve. Go for it if you are unable to get your actual reports.

Credit Monitoring

This service helps in keeping identity theft at bay via free nightly monitoring, tracking credit report daily to report any significant change, and e-mail alerts. Additionally, it aids in preventing errors in your reports. Further, you are also notified of derogatory reports that hurt your credit score.  

Useful Tools

While there are many tools, two of them are noteworthy. First, the credit compare tool allows viewing and comparing your with others in your home state, age range, and in the same e-mail domain. Second, the Score Simulator shows the impact on your score in case you get a new credit card, loan, or close your oldest account.


CreditKarma is for those who need a free approximation of their credit score. Its free services certainly make them the choice of many.

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