What are the Common Reasons for Data Loss?

Losing data because of one of a variety of reasons is a big kick in the teeth and no matter how you lose it you can be sure the feeling of despair is going to haunt you. Whether you lose your laptop or damage it because you've spilled a pint of beer over your keyboard, there are many reasons why you may lose the work you've worked hard creating over the last few months. If you're looking to secure your data in the future, have a look at some of the common reasons why a loss of data can occur in the first place.

Hardware Failure

The most common issue of data loss occurs when computer hardware fails. Hardware can fail for several reasons, but it generally happens when it's old or because it hasn't been well-looked after. In this instance, there's not much you can do because there is no guarantee hardware is going to last a certain amount of time. Always make sure your work is backed up on an external hard drive and take your HDD to a data specialist if you ever need recovery help.

Human Error

Data can be lost for many reasons, but you'll find one of the most common is due to human error. It's very easy to delete files with a click of a button and even though most operating systems prompt you with a confirmation method before deleting permanently, you'll find there are options to disable this feature, which is something most system users regret doing eventually.

Computer Hacks & Viruses

If you've been unlucky and downloaded a file from an unsafe website, your computer could be at risk from potential viruses or malware. This is another common reason why data is lost, not only can viruses steal information and delete data but they can even cause hardware problems, which leads to data loss. Losing data this way is a real pain, but if you use reliable data retrieval services you can be sure you'll have a good chance of recovering everything you've lost.


A common reason for data loss isn't necessarily related to technology itself; it can happen simply because your laptop or handheld device gets stolen. Theft plays a crucial role in data loss and even though it's horrible to have your pride and joy stolen, it's much worse knowing you're likely not going to see that data again unless you've backed up previously using cloud services. Again, there's not much you can do to prevent theft other than being a bit more cautious and always keeping your valuable devices in your sight.

It's not just PCs or Macs you have to worry about when it comes to keeping your data safe. You'll also find handheld devices face the same problems and the only way of retrieving your data is to hire a specialist. However, it's always best to keep your work backed up which will save you a lot of money and future hassle.