How to Create a Stunning Greeting Card with Online Tools

When it comes to sending a greeting card to a family member or friend, the impersonal nature of going to a shop and purchasing a mass produced card is not the best route. Although such a card will certainly suffice if you add a heartfelt message, it lacks the care and personal touch associated with going the custom route. After all, crafting your own card means you have the option to add distinctive, intimate elements that will result in something that leaves a lasting impression on a loved one.

Yet, creating your own card doesn't mean you have to bust out the glue, coloring pens and other such supplies. Via online platforms, it is now possible to generate professional and free printable greeting cards from the comfort of your computer. With that in mind, there are still things to consider when producing a memorable greeting card.

Choose your shape and style

First things first, creating an online greeting card requires you to settle on its size. Will it be a square, portrait or poster-type shape? Perhaps you want to go with an even more unique configuration? Have the foresight to consider what type of design you want to create. That way, you will have a clearer picture as to what shape to choose for your card.

Once you have done that, pick a theme for your card. Most online platforms have a variety of themes available to match the needs and tastes of users. Plus if the set theme isn't quite how you want it, most will also allow you to make detailed alterations if needed.

Add a picture

To add some distinct personality to your card, place your very own image onto the greeting card. What photo you choose is up to you, but it should be relatable to the recipient – whether it is a picture of them, an interest you both have in common, and so on.

If you don't have a picture on hand, online card making platforms usually have a search function where it's possible to select a usable image from the Creative Commons.

Include a message with meaning

While style is obviously an important part of a greeting card, there should be some substance behind those aesthetic qualities. That being the case, the best way of doing this is by including a personal message aimed at the beneficiary of the card.  

Obviously, it can prove to be difficult to think up some words that portray a message with true meaning. However, don't be scared to search around the internet for examples of messages that will help regarding inspiration.

Send your card

After doing all that you can to producing a quality greeting card, it is now time for the easiest step: sending your creation to the intended recipient. Now while it is possible to send online via email or social media platforms, the best option is to download and print the card. Hand delivering a card adds yet another personal aspect, and also allows for it be displayed and kept as a physical item.